Henry Cavill movie stills from Immortals (edited by henrycavillfan)


Henry Cavill movie stills from Immortals (edited by henrycavillfan)


Henry Cavill movie stills from Immortals (edited by henrycavillfan)



Everyone has been spamming the dashboard with questions about the upcoming Batman film, but there were no official details who would replace Christian Bale in the upcoming Man Of Steel Superman sequel. Lately, Vanity Fair has posted these official news, and i’m not sure if i am happy about the choice, but here it is: Ben Affleck Is The New Batman What do you think?

HELL NO! NOT BEN! PLS NOT BEN! He’s an OK actor, BUT NOT A BATMAN!!! Gosh, why!!!!!!!!!


It is Preview Day at SDCC! Here’s the preview of both Superman suits used Man of Steel!

5 Years Online Celebration!

Greetings everyone! Wanted to thank you all for following my blog! Truly means a LOT for me! I wanted to announce that i will soon be celebrating 5 years online of my Henry fansite! I first started supporting him on a Russian blogging site, then i transferred it to facebook, afterwards to tumblr (and it was the best decision ever:) So i just wanted to thank you all (once again) and please - NEVER STOP SUPPORTING HENRY!

With respect,



Henry Cavill gif-animations of his work out for the Man of Steel (edited by henrycavillfan)

VIDEO of the work out is HERE


Henry Cavill work out for the Man of Steel (x)


Henry Cavill gif-animations from Man of Steel (edited by henrycavillfan)


Sophie & Topher sit down with Henry in Sydney, Australia.


Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel [x]


Man of Steel (2013) HD Trailer #3 [NEW]



Man of Steel (2013) NEW Exclusive Trailer #2


Henry Cavill movie still from Man of Steel (edited by henrycavillfan)